Picture Dude Image Converter

Easily edit your photos and add personalized effects


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Picture Dude Image Converter is a little application that lets you edit your images, even if you aren't an expert with editing programs.

The app offers basic tools that help you easily make the changes you need, without complications or functions that you don't understand.

There are various options for rotating, cropping and changing the size of the image, as well as more basic tools for changing more concrete aspects of the files, such as their name.

For more specified tools you have the red-eye tool, as well as the option that allows you to just download part of the image, so that you really get just what you need.

You can also add different effects to your photos, which range from simply black and white, to adding different tones and colors according to your taste.

Lastly, the app can convert between more than 90 different formats, either individually or in batches.

Applies a watermark to the file created.

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